Reversible Hobo bag

Please excuse the mess in this picture. My design studio is somewhat of a mess because right now I have a corner in a spare room that is doubling as storage.

Reversible Hobo Bag

This bag was really easy and quick to make. You can get your copy of the free pattern and tutorial here.  I didn’t use a canvas material which would have given this bag a bit more substance but I Iove it anyway. I used quilters cotton and if you choose to go this direction use some visible interfacing. I’d only use it on one set. (There are four pieces to this bag.)   The only difficult part of making this bag was turning it. I did a 3/8″ seam instead of a 5/8″ seam when I sewed the handle section and I’m glad I did.   I think the extra room was helpful in turning the bag. I also extended the handles by 3″ which was still not enough to be a cross-body bag. I will add more to the handle when I make another one.

I made this for my daughter-in-law. She’s awesome and has a beautiful soul and totally loves the hippie look.  I can’t wait to see her reaction!!

I’ll be back with more reviews.



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