Toddler’s Backpack

Monday’s tend to be pretty busy and today was no different.  However, I was able to start and finish the toddler’s backpack today.  It was fairly quick and easy but there are a few things I did differently.  In the tutorial that I will provide a link for it says to turn down 1.25″ to make the casing.  The author used a serger which gave her a nice clean finish to the edge.  I have a serger but I need to send it to the machine doctor and get a checkup.  🙂  So I turned under the 1/4″ and gave it a nice stitch close to the edge then turned down the 1″ and finished it up as per the tutorial instructions.  This was also my first hand at using a grommet tool. I was using flannel material and the grommet tool didn’t even cut it! 😦  I was able to cut the material using my scissors just enough to get the 3/8″ grommet inserted and then applied the cap. It looks amazing.  I have an old but in great condition knit sheet that has flowers on it.  I am thinking of making a few of these out of that material…would be great for the little girls!! I don’t have anymore cord but I have an entire skein of pink yarn.  I am thinking about braiding about 3 strands together to get the thickness for the cord and using that.  I love using flannel for this backpack because it’s for little kids and I know my grandkids will love the softness of it.  To make your own toddler’s backpack you can find the tutorial here.

Sock Monkeys!!


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