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"Pretty in Pink"

“Pretty in Pink”

I never realized how much time is consumed by making purses that seem rather simple.  If you look at the entire process it takes longer than one would imagine.  I sat a goal yesterday to make 3 purses, rather simple purses and I made only one!  Part of it comes from never had made the purse before so you have to spend time getting use to the way the author explains the process away in the tutorial.

Yesterday I made the Dotted Dream. (Get the pattern and instructions by clicking on the link) The link takes you to  I call this version “Pretty in Pink”  I really love this purse.  It was very simple to make but I am now trying to locate a very simple way of using magnetic closures for this purse instead of the sew-in snap closure the author used.  I can’t wait to make this again in other fun fabrics.  I’ve also thought about making a smaller version of this purse for a Mother & Daughter matching set. I know a few mommies and little girls that would love it.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Today I am on my way to reaching my 3 purses a day goal only because I spent time last night from around 9pm to 10:30pm cutting out the purse.  This purse was another easy one and I just love making purses because each one comes with its own tips and tricks that I can use on other purses I am making.  I do find that if you read through the entire tutorial before you run off to the fabric store to get the necessary items is quite easier and smarter.  Note the pin holding down the closure in this pic.  I didn’t realize that this purse required a button and had I taken a few more seconds to just look at the original picture I would have seen it!  I guess I was just too excited to get started.’s off to the fabric store again because of all the buttons I have….NONE will work for this cutie of a bag.  This purse tutorial and instructions (no printed pattern necessary) is available here.

One last item….I should really stay away from the fabric store until I have used up most of my stash I already have.  Mind you,  I really don’t have a lot compared to some people.  I was at Joann Fabrics just yesterday and one of the clerks said she had 27 boxes full of material!  27!! I was like….27????  Seriously!  WHOA.  I went to the fabric store to get the usual stuff…interfacing, thread, sew-on closures….and found this!

" ?? Paris"

” ?? Paris”

The picture does not do this fabric justice.  It’s really beautiful and is a canvas or what the sales clerk called “Duck Cloth”.  I have been sewing all my life practically and this is why I feel like a complete NEWBIE!  I asked her where the canvas material was…she said…”Duck Cloth?”…I was like sure. :-0

I want to spruce it up a bit with maybe a satin and make a real cute bag and call it “Evening in Paris”…Or “Afternoon in Paris”  I will definitely post it as soon as I find an appropriate bag to make.

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  1. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!
    Feb 05, 2015 @ 06:16:44

    Definitely “Paris” fabric! I have made a purse, would like to make more some day, it probably took as long as some of the garments I have made!

    Liked by 1 person


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