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I’ve been very busy making and re-designing the Tohoku Tote pattern because I didn’t like having to put the pleats in the material BEFORE I cut out the pattern.  The tote came out really nice.

Afternoon in Paris

Afternoon in Paris

I also now know that when using a lightweight fabric such as quilters cotton it’s a good idea to use a firmer interfacing.  The weight of the bow and the magnetic snap makes it hang just a bit.  Something someone would not notice but because I made it, I noticed it.

I also will add a hard bottom to this bag. I found a great tutorial that can be done to any bag that has the squares notched out of the pattern. In fact you can notch out your own squares and make it much easier to make a flat bottom bag.  I will post the tutorial for that hard bottom bag.

Chevron Tote

Chevron Tote

My next project was supposed to be this… using the paris material but after looking at the instructions I soon realized that my one-way directional material wouldn’t work as laid out.

So I made this…..IMG_1078Its a very durable bag and was made out of some material I picked up at a local thrift store.  This bag truly is one-of-a-kind because I won’t be making this combo any time soon…no more fabric.  This was also my first hand at using an upholstery material…can you see a couch in there?  🙂  The making of the fabric buttons were a bit more difficult than I thought it would be but I managed it.

Today, I’m going to finish up another Dotted Dream because I tried out that hard bottom bag step and I also want to make a matching wallet for that bag.  It will be a nice combo I can sell at my store…if I can ever get it up and running.  I am sure I will I just need to do it…but I think fear is keeping me away.  🙂  I think I will also make a tutorial for the Dotted Dream bag.  The instructions is only one page long and it’s a fairly easy bag to make but if you’ve never made one, trying it without pictures would be frightening!  So once I have a couple of pressing items completed please look for the tutorial.  🙂

I am also going to try the Chevron Tote with the paris material but not making strips 34 1/2″ long that then get folded in half to make the front and bag, but making 17 1/4″ strips which will make a front and a back, I can then add the hard bottom to it. 🙂

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  1. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 00:26:13

    I’ve made one bag so far. I used upholstery fabric and it was just right. Your bag is cute, I’ll have to make one someday!



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