Update – Dotted Dream

WOW…I’m not completely shocked on how the second Dotted Dream purse came out but I certainly like the upgrades and what it did for the finish project.

New version on Left

New version on Left

First….I promise I used the same size pattern pieces.  However, I used a heavier interfacing for the both the main and top pieces of the body.  I also put in the hard bottom and I wish you could feel and see this for your own eyes.  That’s why it’s so important that if you want a sturdy bag and you want to use quilters cotton use a HEAVY interfacing.

In these next two pictures you can see how each one stands on its own.  IMG_1079


I also changed the closure.  The original asked for a sewn-in snap.  I didn’t like the look at all. So I opted this time for a magnetic snap. Love it!

Sew-in snap  :(

Sew-in snap 😦

Much Better!

Much Better!

These last two pics show the hard bottom.  Overall I will be making this bag again with all the changes and making a tutorial.


This has the same material as the hard bottom #72 heavy fusible interfacing but is just slipped in between the lining and the bottom as per instructions.

This one is sewn in! :)

This one is first fused to the material then sewn in! 🙂

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