I made a wallet!!

I’ve been wanting to make a wallet to make my Dotted Dream purse because I simply love the material and thought it would be a nice add-on to the Dotted Dream purse when I finally open up my Etsy store.  There will be a coin purse as well.  So…I got the free pattern and tutorial from Confessions of a Fabricaholic.

She used vinyl as the outer shell and hers turned out WAY nicer than mine.  I used two pieces of #72 fusible interfacing…not sure why.  🙂  But it proved to be a tad too much. I will be making this wallet again but only using one piece.  Overall it was fairly easy to construct and I opted to use a magnetic snap vs. a regular snap.  Reason being…I don’t have a snap tool.  It turned out really well.  Also there were a couple of “User Errors” because I read one thing and did the exact opposite.  One was easy to fix because I put two pieces RST but it asked for them to be WST.  DAH!  The one other boo boo was I left the wrong end opened to turn and again its because I read one thing and did the exact opposite.  This was not an easy fix because I had already cut corner and trimmed the seams! 😦

This project is an Epic Success..even though I had a few bumps along the way.  Coming soon hopefully is the matching coin purse.  For now…I’m headed to go to something a bit more relaxing.. A Butter Cup bag!

Thanks for stopping by.


Dotted Dream Wallet

Dotted Dream Wallet


I think the extra sheet of #72 is the reason it buckled in the middle a bit. 😦


The zipper was so very easy to put in!!


The matching set!! Yippee!! 🙂


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  1. kieravanella
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 11:13:39

    Beautifully well done! Very nice.



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