Buttercup Bag

I must love a challenge OR I just don’t realize my fabric choices mixed with heavy weight interfacing is a very bad idea.  On a good note though, I was able to cut out, and assemble the Buttercup Bag, even with all the issues under 5 hours!  The Buttercup bag is the only pattern that I paid for so far.  You can get the free pattern but it comes with no rights to sell it and while I am sure many people get the free one and sell it anyway I want to honest about my business dealings.

Too many times while surfing Pinterest I find links to Etsy for patterns that I already have (for free) on SALE!  Part of me wants to post a comment and say…”Hey, this pattern is free over here” and then give the link!  Or somehow tell someone about their dishonesty but I’m certainly not the Pinterest or Etsy police and that would be a full time job as I have seen many.

To get the Buttercup Bag for free you can get it at Made By Rae.  She gives you a link to get the free one which is the one I made but for a mere $10 you can get a pattern for a bigger version and a license to sell it.  She will also list your store on her website. I think it was a pretty good deal.

Love this material!

Love this material!

The challenge with this bag was that using the corduroy material, which is not really heavy but combine that with the heavy interfacing for both the front and back and BAM!…challenge accepted.  One thing about this material is that is frays big time and I’ve never really used fray check. I’ve heard about the product and now that I am sewing more frequently maybe I should look into it.

Also, the pleats are really really small, like 1/2″.  Combine the pleats with the stiffness of the bag and the fraying I had a tough time. I used a gold silk material I picked up at a local Goodwill store.  I have 3 yards of it so I will be using it a lot for linings.  Also, this purse is supposed to have a mock button closure in the front but I opted not to add because I felt I had enough accents on this bag already.

Overall, I like this bag and will making many more in different fabrics of course!  🙂

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