Fabrics I’ve used…

I am very new at blogging and one thing I have noticed in the blogs I have read and loved and that is most of them give a description of the fabrics and provide a link to purchase the fabric if you so choose.

So I am going to try to make up for that. Most of my fabric I get from Joann Fabrics.  Alas…my efforts are not going so well.

I’ve only found a few of the many fabrics.

The fabrics below I used  for the Dotted Dream purse.

Keepsake Calico Fabric Leigh Medallions & Flowers – Main

Keepsake Calico Fabric-Large Dots On Rose Pink – Lining

Keepsake Calico Fabric-Irregular Dots On Black – Upper Main/Handles

Of course these are also the same ones I used in the Dotted Dream Wallet.

This is Fabric I used for the “Afternoon in Paris” purse.

Utility Fabric- Paris Stamp Burlap – Main

Keepsake Calico Fabric-Cream Vinery – Bow/Handles

I was unable to find the lining I used for this project.

The “test bag” which was made by the Chevron Tote pattern, was made with fabric I picked up from Goodwill. The corduroy Buttercup Bag, and the Toddler’s Backpack were made with remnants from Joann Fabrics.  In the future I will try diligently to give links to the fabrics.

In my searching for the projects I’ve made and the fabrics I have not posted some other projects.  A Hello Kitty little girls purse, and a small handbag made from fat quarters I picked up from Joann’s.  I hope this helps.

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂


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