Easy Peasy

After spending the weekend with my kids and grandkids I am back at it. Sewing, making, pinning.  Pinterest is such an addiction sometimes!!  I get to looking for something and find so many items that I can’t stop!  🙂


Canvans Red – Original size

I sewed two Buttercup purses today and made two fabric flowers to adorn them!  The flowers nearly took me as long as the purses because I have never done one before.


Larger size

I like working with the larger version because it’s much easier to maneuver around. The larger version also has an inside pocket.  I could add one to the smaller version but have decided against it.

Side by Side comparison

Side by Side comparison

Sorry about the background.  I’m thinking of adding more pleats to the larger one. It has five just like the small version but I like the look of them being closer together.  Then again, I could have placed them wrong.   Wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

I was also turned onto Ebay recently.  Yes, I was aware of it and had shopped on it before but YEARS ago.  I just never thought of looking there for purse making supplies!  What a bounty!  I want to keep the price tag of making my purses, totes and bags at a minimum but when purchasing handles for purses instead of making fabric ones they can be kinda spendy…around $6 each!  I found a huge lot of handles being sold along with magnetic snaps and a couple of D rings but what I really wanted was the handles.  I can say I was the successful bidder on the lot and spent just under $30 including shipping for over 15 handles that’s only $2 each!

Now I’m on the look-out for purse frames.  I want to try my hand at making some coin purses!  I can find them fairly inexpensive over in China and it says the shipping is very low which makes me kinda wonder but if it holds true I can get them for under $2 each.  Locally at the fabric store they are $5 each and they are the ONLY retail/craft store that sells them.

Kanzashi Flower

Kanzashi Flower

Has anyone heard of Kanzashi Flower?  It’s absolutely beautiful!  I’ve seen several tutorials on how to make one, most of them long hand.  Then I came across one where you buy a Kanzashi flower tool….sold at Joann Fabrics!  I was wondering if anyone has made them with or without the plastic guide tool?  What was your take? Would love to know before I go out a buy one.  Although the tool right now is on sale for 40% off, so just under $4.  The tutorial that uses the guide tool is over at A Pumpkin and A Princess.

Not sure what project I will work on tomorrow…but if I’m brave I could try my hand at that Dotted Dream purse tutorial!

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