Summer Fun Tote Bag

Yesterday was not a very productive day since I spent the better part of it doing those weekly chores/errands that I seem to put off until the last minute.  BUT…I was able to complete at least one project.  I found the Summer Fun Tote Bag over at  If you have never been over at the site it is a MUST see!  I downloaded 11 patterns all FREE in a matter of minutes.  The patterns are great the site is full of crafty stuff.  Ha ha ha.

My project consisted of two fat quarters for the main fabric and one for the contrasting.  However, I had to piece together both the main and contrasting fabric to get the two handles for this tote.  All of the fabrics used on this project was purchased over at Joann’s Fabrics.  I was in the store today and couldn’t find any more of the two fabrics I used nor was it on their website.  However, I did find some over at the local Craft Warehouse but again it was on the discontinued table.

Busy Mommy

“Busy Mommy”

I would not suggest using fat quarters unless you have more than what I had on hand.  I have been looking for a bag to make with the fat quarters that I bought months ago because I loved the colors and the fact that it looked like sticky notes a mom would leave around the house.  Hence, I call this tote the “Busy Mommy” tote.

I really like how big the interior of this tote is and I could have easily added some pockets.

Today I have been spending the entire day cutting out patterns that I will be sewing over the weekend. I have found that If I prep one day and sew the next I seem to get more done and I feel that I have accomplished something.  I was also invited to attend an Astrological convention as a vendor to sell my purses!!  It would be my first one and I got the 411 from the lady who has put this convention on for the past 30 years!!  She has several vendors who come each year and the participants who paid to come to this convention enjoy having “shopping time” between their seminars.  Interesting but different!  If I choose to participate I better kick production up a bit!  🙂

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