Under the weather….

I recently received my shipment of 100 zippers from Ebay and I wanted to find projects that I could sew using them.  To my chagrin the zippers consisted of 7″ and 8″ in length and and a spattering of 5″ and 6″.  Because it was a grab bag I didn’t get the choice.  I am certain I will be able to find projects but was hoping for longer ones.




Pleated Pouch

Upon searching my pins over at Pinterest I found that I either needed a longer zipper or the project was suitable for the zipper sizes I had but wasn’t a wristlet which is what I wanted to make. SO …I combined two into one.  I used the pleated pouch by Skip to my Lou because it had the zipper size I wanted and of course I love the pleats.  I combined that with the wristlet tutorial from Imaging Fabric.

The pleated pouch had no interfacing used at all and I wanted a little wristlet that had some substance to it so I used fusible fleece.  The wristlet of course was the wrong size of zipper and I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to things like this and I am sure there is another more advanced seamstress that could have easily changed the wristlet project to the zipper size on hand.

So here is the rest of the story…… 🙂  I have a cold and maybe that’s why I made a few boo boo’s on this one. IMG_1169IMG_1170 One side of the zipper is on top of the lining whereas the other side was done correctly. 😦  I also had to pick this project out more than once because I just couldn’t get the zipper to look right for the finished project.  While I like the wristlet idea I need to find a better way of attaching it to the swivel clip.  I don’t like how the unfinished edge is peeking out from the finished edge.  It looks good but for this to be store quality I need to find a different method.  All in all I really like the Wristlet Pleated Pouch and I’m sure one member of my family will enjoy it and not care that the zipper is in wrong.  🙂  SO..we will just blame it on my cold and the fog I’m in today.

I’m also trying to use up all of my extra fabric with these small projects and have made a goal NOT TO BUY anymore fabric until I’ve used it up.  Thank goodness I am not a quilter and have boxes and boxes full of scraps!  Then again…if I were I could easily use up my scraps.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂

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