Nearly complete

Ok…so I guess being challenged by the Chiflada purse wasn’t enough that I wanted to challenge myself again (unknowingly) by sewing a dress for myself!  I love working with knits…yea..I know knits you say.  Some people actually fear knits because they are so slippery and for many other reason.  However I love them because they are so forgiving on a  figure like mine. 🙂

I’ve sewn knits before and never had an issue but for some reason this time started out a nightmare!  At first I thought I didn’t have the right needle but I did.  The material kept on being grabbed by the needle and not releasing it.  Also, the bobbin thread wasn’t wanting to grab so I was getting skipped stitches.  So having just put in a fresh needle, I changed it out again.  That didn’t work.  I re-threaded the machine and bobbin.  That didn’t work.  I took apart the foot plate used some canned air and cleaned it up.  That did it!  Woo Hoo.  I’m on a roll!  WAIT…what…it’s skipping stitches again.   So I grab some tossed material…run it through the machine and it works fine.  Then I double it (like when your working on a collar and attaching it to the neckline)…skipping stitches.  Now I’m scratching my head again….about in tears.  I’ve had this machine for years and while I know I need a newer one this is not the time to be thinking about that.  So I try using tear-away material on top to see if I can stop the grabbing and skipping.  That didn’t work. I re-thread, clean out, change needle again!  Nothing.  Finally I look at the foot plate.

General Purpose

General Purpose

I’m using the general purpose foot plate.  (I’ve been using this foot plate for years)   Inside my box of treasures for my sewing machine I find the foot plate that is used for straight stitches.

Straight Stitches

Straight Stitches

I exchange them out and BAM! No grabbing …No skipping stitches and now I’m flowing with the rest of the dress.  I’m quite proud of this one.  I added a built-in slip to this dress because I hate wearing them.  They bunch up, twist, fall down and it’s not truly lady like to be adjusting your slip when you’re walking out of the church service.  My fear was that it would be a bit heavy and pull on the bodice section but it doesn’t.  The only thing left I have to do is the hem in the dress and sleeves.  So hopefully when I start building another purse or bag…it won’t be too challenging. 🙂

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What a Challenge!

Well…I finally finished the Chiflada Purse!  You can get the pattern from  The designer Darla Royal from Texas helped me A LOT for the first two days because the purse is not made the traditional way. Build the outer shell, then the lining, stuff the two together….a little more sewing…pull through and WA LA…a bag.  NO…this one was done similar to a quilt.  I am NOT a quilter.  I have never used binding to hide raw edges of anything! So I am totally happy that this bag is going to someone in need as a gift.  I am sure the girl who will be getting it will not see any of the flaws I see and that’s a good thing.  But as someone who wants to have a successful and only sell quality products this one would not be for sale.  However, I do have a list of things I will change the next time around. I have plans on making this again already.  I just bough the zippers and additional yardage for the bag.

IMG_1342 IMG_1339IMG_1341IMG_1340

The one thing I love about this bag is the zippered pockets!!  There are three of them.  One on top for small items or even your cell phone, a divider pocket on the inside with a zippered pocket and one on the back for a tablet, notebook or even a book!  But before I make this bag again….I’m going to take a day maybe a day and a half and make me a dress!  I found this to-die-for material and I already have two patterns that I want to try out.  I love wearing knits because of the ease for a big girl like me.

IMG_1345IMG_1346 IMG_1347

The picture doesn’t do the material justice. It has little sparkles on it!  Very pretty!

My four long grueling days are done…but feel so accomplished!

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Grand Opening!!!


It’s here! It’s open for Business!! I am so excited!!  BUT BOY HOWDY….it’s a long process to list each item!  I have only 6 items listed and I have about 20 more to go!  But the pictures turned out great!  There are so many things you have to consider when opening a store….policies for payment, shipping, refunds, etc!  It’s insane!  But I am so glad its open! AND i’ve already received one favorite on a purse I have listed!  How cool is that!!??

I will be adding a badge to my blog, but until then you can find my store here. My Etsy Store.

Thank you so much for stopping by…please go over and see my shop.

Ali 🙂

EPIC Score!!

Today I went out to a local antique store to inquire whether they would allow me take pictures of my purses in their store!  I spoke to one of the partners in the store and she said YES!  Her store is so lovely and has a lot of really good antique pieces. I am no antique connoisseur mind you..but I like what I saw in her store.  She has a web presence by way of a blog at Serendipity Furnishings and I told her that her blog doesn’t do her store justice.  She’s been busy helping out with her pre-mature grandson.

I told her that I would give her store, website and Etsy store credit for the backdrops of my items.  She also offered to let me hang some of my purses in her store if I had a rack to put them on! How cool is that!?  So tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going over to her store to take the pictures and hopefully I will have my store up and running by the end of the weekend!

Of course now I had to finish the projects that I have been lingering over.  Today I finished up three of the four items.  Two small buttercup bags and one paris tote.

IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269

I also recently scored again at the local thrift store.


So I bought some coordinating material at my last run to the fabric store for what I found and for the Japanese fabric. I also bought a can of spray paint that matches the blue in the Japanese fabric and can’t wait to spray paint and make a purse out of that fabric!  Both the Blue Bird material and the Green Number material is a canvas cotton and will be the exterior of the project.  🙂

IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1273

OH and on an unrelated note…I got a message from the BF’s sister-in-law who said there is a temp job opening up for the State of Oregon for an Accountant 1 position and she will talk to the lady in charge of that opening on Monday!  A temp job is great…because it can and has lead to permanent full-time work!  YEEHAW!!

Looks like I will have another full weekend ahead of me and Spring Break is starting on Monday!!  Maybe I can get my son who got an A in his recent sewing class 🙂  to help me out while he’s home!!

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New Job Title!

I saw this on FB and I just had to share!  Do you think it’d be ok to wear this for my next interview!!


I should get my BF to make this shirt up for me!  🙂

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SO….l spent the entire day doing nothing but waiting for my job interview.  I was worried that if I got into one of my sewing projects I would be late. WELL….I wasn’t late but the advertisement for the job fell short of what they were truly offering.

It would be nice that when an employer is looking to fill a position list important items like, part-time 20 hrs, No benefits, No upward mobility…etc.  I am totally okay with working part-time as long as it’s at least 30 hrs a week. I can deal with the no benefits because I know that most part-time work comes with no benefits, like sick, vacation, or even medical and dental.  But what I can’t deal with is no upward mobility!  I would have NEVER applied for the job if in the advertisement it would have stated that the job was a 20 hr a week job.

SO…My time and their time got completely WASTED!  This puts a fire in me that I really want to make the selling of my purses work!  So when I need to hire someone to help me cut/sew, etc… I will definitely know how to advertise!

I think I need a drink!!  🙂  My son and I are headed over to Dutch Bros for a tasty coffee treat.

I’ll be back tomorrow with completed projects…and I still need to visit the antique store. 🙂

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Bump in the road…

Well…I didn’t get the store ready. 😦  My original idea was to set apart my store items from others found at Etsy.  I wanted to find a local antique store to use as a backdrop and then in the description of the item mention their name, website, etc.  I dropped the ball and decided to just take the pictures outside in natural lighting.

My boyfriend viewed the pics and said….”they look kinda “Yard Saleish” to me.”  He wasn’t trying to insult me (aside from the fact I was using the “camera” I had which is my crappy smart phone!) and I value his opinion cause he’s an artist in his own right and does beautiful hand drawn work!  Then I looked at them again and said…”yea…they kinda do.” “What happened to your original idea, honey …that was a great one?”

So after our talk I decided that If I really wanted to make an impression and not saying that it will change anything, but if I’m going to give my store the best shot I should stick with the plan.  So I found two potential antique stores and will be seeing them tomorrow if everything works out.  ( I was kinda bummed out today…and here is why.)  Sunday evening came around and I realized after doing some reading, I won’t be eligible for an extension on my unemployment funds.  Apparently Washington state is no longer in a “HIGH” unemployment phase and they have eliminated extensions.  I have been looking for work diligently since October when I became unemployed. I have interviewed, filled out and been scrutinized many times over since then and NOTHING….zip..zilch.  I have the mad skills but truly in this day in age, it’s not what you know but WHO you know.  I know nobody here!  I am down to my last 6 weeks on unemployment and I’m a bit worried.  I certainly don’t want to be a burden on my BF and we’ve talked about this and he’s totally ok with it and not worried at all. 🙂  But that doesn’t alleviate my personal feelings of responsibility.

So last night and today I thought about what to do, prayed about what to do and I have a plan for when the 6 weeks comes and goes without a paycheck.  Funny thing….and it truly still amazes me when things are (what we feel) at their bleakest a sunshineray of sunshine comes through.  My BF’s sister-in-law, who works for the State of Oregon asked me if I’d be interested in a temp job!  I was like YES!!  Then at that very same time, I got an email from a local Engineering/Surveying firm asking me for an interview!  Skippity-do-da!  More than anything I would simply LOVE LOVE to sew full-time, selling my purses, bags and totes! ❤

The potential job interview and opening certainly doesn’t mean I will get either, but it’s still refreshing that I’m being listened to. 🙂  Needless to say, my day up until that point was rather ho-hum and I didn’t even want to sew but forced myself to at least make one purse.   So tomorrow, I have three purses to make, an antique store to go visit and to continue to give thanks to the Lord for listening to me.  🙂

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