Mojo Interrupted

Gathered Clutch

Gathered Clutch

I recently had a personal issue cloud my sewing frenzy to the point I actually didn’t want to go to the fabric store!! Even though the issue is still at hand I’ve realized that there are better ways of dealing with it rather than dwelling on it. SO…my mojo has returned and with that I have a few items that I worked on.
First, I was and still am trying to lessen my scrap pile so I made several little zippered pouches. A gathered clutch which can be found over at I was able to successfully combine the pleated pouch and the wristlet project.  I posted about this project titled Under the Weather where I had goofed up the zipper.  Zipper has been defeated!! 🙂

Pleated Pouch

Pleated Pouch

The last project for my stash pile was a few little Sweet Coin Purses which can be found over at Sew Spoiled.  I modified it a bit, only because I didn’t want to make a key fob which would require me to purchase more hardware when I already had the swivel hook and I really don’t like how the zipper ended up looking….so I’m off to find something else.

Sweet Coin Purse

Sweet Coin Purse

The next project I made was the Sweetheart Bag which can be found over and is by the Couture Academic.  I love this bag because it is made from a repurposed wool skirt that I found at a local thrift store!  I haven’t experimented enough with appliqués although I really want to do that so I just added my own touch and made a fabric flower from left over lining.  I really want to make this bag again so I will be off to the thrift store to find more wool skirts!

Sweetheart Bag

Sweetheart Bag

The last project is another variation of the Phoebe bag which can also be found over at  This one however has a zippered pocket in it.  I will also be making a matching wallet for this bag.  So there you have it.  The scrap projects took me two days to complete while each of the purses took a half day.  I do need to spend some time cataloging all the purses, bags and totes that I have made with sizes, fabrics etc so I can get them posted to my Etsy account.

Phoebe Bag

Phoebe Bag

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂


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  1. kieravanella
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 11:23:31

    My sewing mojo is gone too! For now it’s cross stitch. Interesting how personal issues can much up creativity so much!



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