SO….l spent the entire day doing nothing but waiting for my job interview.  I was worried that if I got into one of my sewing projects I would be late. WELL….I wasn’t late but the advertisement for the job fell short of what they were truly offering.

It would be nice that when an employer is looking to fill a position list important items like, part-time 20 hrs, No benefits, No upward mobility…etc.  I am totally okay with working part-time as long as it’s at least 30 hrs a week. I can deal with the no benefits because I know that most part-time work comes with no benefits, like sick, vacation, or even medical and dental.  But what I can’t deal with is no upward mobility!  I would have NEVER applied for the job if in the advertisement it would have stated that the job was a 20 hr a week job.

SO…My time and their time got completely WASTED!  This puts a fire in me that I really want to make the selling of my purses work!  So when I need to hire someone to help me cut/sew, etc… I will definitely know how to advertise!

I think I need a drink!!  🙂  My son and I are headed over to Dutch Bros for a tasty coffee treat.

I’ll be back tomorrow with completed projects…and I still need to visit the antique store. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂


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