EPIC Score!!

Today I went out to a local antique store to inquire whether they would allow me take pictures of my purses in their store!  I spoke to one of the partners in the store and she said YES!  Her store is so lovely and has a lot of really good antique pieces. I am no antique connoisseur mind you..but I like what I saw in her store.  She has a web presence by way of a blog at Serendipity Furnishings and I told her that her blog doesn’t do her store justice.  She’s been busy helping out with her pre-mature grandson.

I told her that I would give her store, website and Etsy store credit for the backdrops of my items.  She also offered to let me hang some of my purses in her store if I had a rack to put them on! How cool is that!?  So tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going over to her store to take the pictures and hopefully I will have my store up and running by the end of the weekend!

Of course now I had to finish the projects that I have been lingering over.  Today I finished up three of the four items.  Two small buttercup bags and one paris tote.

IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269

I also recently scored again at the local thrift store.


So I bought some coordinating material at my last run to the fabric store for what I found and for the Japanese fabric. I also bought a can of spray paint that matches the blue in the Japanese fabric and can’t wait to spray paint and make a purse out of that fabric!  Both the Blue Bird material and the Green Number material is a canvas cotton and will be the exterior of the project.  🙂

IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1273

OH and on an unrelated note…I got a message from the BF’s sister-in-law who said there is a temp job opening up for the State of Oregon for an Accountant 1 position and she will talk to the lady in charge of that opening on Monday!  A temp job is great…because it can and has lead to permanent full-time work!  YEEHAW!!

Looks like I will have another full weekend ahead of me and Spring Break is starting on Monday!!  Maybe I can get my son who got an A in his recent sewing class 🙂  to help me out while he’s home!!

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂


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