Nearly complete

Ok…so I guess being challenged by the Chiflada purse wasn’t enough that I wanted to challenge myself again (unknowingly) by sewing a dress for myself!  I love working with knits…yea..I know knits you say.  Some people actually fear knits because they are so slippery and for many other reason.  However I love them because they are so forgiving on a  figure like mine. 🙂

I’ve sewn knits before and never had an issue but for some reason this time started out a nightmare!  At first I thought I didn’t have the right needle but I did.  The material kept on being grabbed by the needle and not releasing it.  Also, the bobbin thread wasn’t wanting to grab so I was getting skipped stitches.  So having just put in a fresh needle, I changed it out again.  That didn’t work.  I re-threaded the machine and bobbin.  That didn’t work.  I took apart the foot plate used some canned air and cleaned it up.  That did it!  Woo Hoo.  I’m on a roll!  WAIT…what…it’s skipping stitches again.   So I grab some tossed material…run it through the machine and it works fine.  Then I double it (like when your working on a collar and attaching it to the neckline)…skipping stitches.  Now I’m scratching my head again….about in tears.  I’ve had this machine for years and while I know I need a newer one this is not the time to be thinking about that.  So I try using tear-away material on top to see if I can stop the grabbing and skipping.  That didn’t work. I re-thread, clean out, change needle again!  Nothing.  Finally I look at the foot plate.

General Purpose

General Purpose

I’m using the general purpose foot plate.  (I’ve been using this foot plate for years)   Inside my box of treasures for my sewing machine I find the foot plate that is used for straight stitches.

Straight Stitches

Straight Stitches

I exchange them out and BAM! No grabbing …No skipping stitches and now I’m flowing with the rest of the dress.  I’m quite proud of this one.  I added a built-in slip to this dress because I hate wearing them.  They bunch up, twist, fall down and it’s not truly lady like to be adjusting your slip when you’re walking out of the church service.  My fear was that it would be a bit heavy and pull on the bodice section but it doesn’t.  The only thing left I have to do is the hem in the dress and sleeves.  So hopefully when I start building another purse or bag…it won’t be too challenging. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂


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