Sports Bags & Backpacks

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These are just two of the projects that I have accomplished over the weekend.  I made the Seattle Seahawks sports bag/backpack for my oldest daughter who is a huge fan of the team. (My favorite is the Green Bay Packers)  Her birthday is right around the corner and she asked for anything that had to do with the Seahawks!  Wish Granted. 🙂

The Avenger themed drawstring bag was supposed to be in similar nature to the other bag.  The ability to wear it like a backpack but alas, I cut the cording too short so now its a drawstring bag that still has many uses.  The reason the title of this posting is Sport Bags and Backpacks is because what defines each?  When talking with my daughter I told her I was working on her “Backpack”.  She responded “SWEET! The kind with pockets and zippers?”  “No, the kind you just fling over your shoulders”.  “Oh mom..that’s a sports bag!” hmmmm…ok.

I thought anything you fling over both shoulders would be considered a backpack of sorts.  So when I told her I wanted to make my granddaughter a “backpack” for her birthday, which is right around the corner, my daughter said, “can it be a backpack and not a sports bag?”  I was hoping to keep it simple but before I could answer her she said, “that way I won’t have to buy her one for school.”  OH I see.  Smart move on my daughters part cause no grandmother could say no to that! 🙂

So I am on the hunt for a backpack that has all the necessary bells and whistles that a soon to be little 6-yr old girl may need.  I’ve been pinning a lot of ideas on Pinterest and sending them to my daughter for her approval.  I’ve not made an actual backpack before but I am definitely up to the challenge.  Now if I can find one that we can agree on life would be grand! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 🙂

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