I got my fix!

Finally….after days and days at what seemed to be an excruciating time…I finally was able to get some sewing in.  I’ve been at my new job now for eight days and I’m enjoying the fact that I’m employed and appreciate the opportunity given to me by an acquaintance.  I  certainly don’t want to be doing what I do for the rest of my life!  LOL I listen to recorded meetings all day and have to transcribe them!  Talk about BORING.  But..it gets me into a door that would never have been opened to me.  So for that, I can deal with the boredom and luckily for me…it’s a TEMP job.  I will be done on August 6th!  That’s something to get excited about because then I will have the opportunity to apply within the organization and hopefully find another more permanent job. For some odd reason they give preference to people who are or have worked for them.  So being an outsider trying to get in…is brutal! But I digress.

Here is what I did today.  I started off making this beautiful blue linen dresden scalloped purse and then I made a rookie mistake. (Teaches me for not keeping my skills up!)  I slightly scorched the back side of the blue linen material.  Now I could have just cut out another piece, but heck, why waste the material when I can practice on making an appliqué!!  Woo HOO!


This adorable flower covers up perfectly the boo boo I made!  But I do have to get better at circles. There is a slight hiccup in the red piece. 😦  However, I think I did a SMASHING good job on it. I was quite pleased!  Makes me want to try out something a bit more difficult!  You should see my Pinterest board I have on appliqués!!

Here is the finished product. Oh…and I left out the darts in this one.  Biggest reason…I didn’t move the appliqué far enough in to allow the darts and quite frankly, I like how this one looks in comparison to my other dresden I made.  If you look at that picture (follow the link) it’s more…odd shaped. I don’t think the darts did that bag any justice, simply because of the weight of the material. They are both beautiful bags but I think that’s what’s great about making bags.  You get familiar with all types of material and what will and won’t work in regards to pleats, darts, etc.  I really like this pattern, but what I wish It had is the handles attached on the inside. I’m not a huge fan of handles that attach onto the outer portion of the bag.  Of course I did the whole, X in the middle surrounded by a box, but It’s still not my preference. I guess I’ll just have to see how I can reconfigure the construction of this bag because there are other issues I would like to see vanish.  The fact that the lining is put together with the bag and not separate making me do a slip stitch on the outer bag on the bottom.  I would also like to see the lining and the dresden flap piece put together differently.  I want to see scallops that curve correctly but it could be me and my sewing technique. On a good note…..


My son thought that my choice of blues for the scalloped flap was awesome, he even had some input on their order.  He took sewing in school and I think he’s pretty proud of the techniques and things he learned. He even made his own pillow in class.   10986898_10152743126357183_6718234363376473796_n

Not a very good picture, quite blurry but you just gotta love that smile!!

Anyway, I’ve missed sewing, and blogging but you have to have balance!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ali 🙂


Redirecting focus

My long dry spell of being unemployed has finally been kicked to the curb.  I’m happy and sad at the same time.  I know that building a business out of crafting takes time, effort, patience, cash flow, more patience and definitely more cash flow.  🙂  I have all of those except the cash flow, hence…the reason I needed to find gainful employment.  I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant most of my 15+ years in the work force and I enjoy it, but I have certainly loved doing what I have been doing for the past 4+ months.  It was back in January that I got tired of just sitting around so I started that ol’ sewing machine up and I haven’t stopped since.

Now that I have to go to work tomorrow….I’m feeling a little sad.  However, I have thought about how to continue doing what I love, and for pete sakes I have so much material in my sewing room I have to do something with it.  So between working, house chores, life in general, I will still be sewing.  I’ve gone too far to turn back.  In fact, we (the boyfriend and I) are planning on attending, as a vendor, the farmers market that is here every Saturday. What I like about that best are the hours.  One day from 9am to 3pm which means I really don’t have to have a huge inventory to show up.  One day events are easier to attend than two or three day events which would need a lot more inventory.

With my impending work day, I thought I would get in one more project.


This cross-over body bag took me just under five hours to complete from cut-out to finish.  I’ve already posted it on my Etsy store and my IG account.  It’s made from repurposed light weight home decor material that I found at the local thrift store.  I suspect that it was upholstery material only because of its weight.  However, I don’t think this is couch material. Ha ha ha, probably an ottoman, drapes or maybe even a pillow.  Anyway, there were small flaws in the material, as you can see in the picture below.  Not sure what caused it but I was able to cut around most of it.


When I started this bag, choosing the scraps for the flap, I wasn’t sure if it would look right with the main material.  The pattern called for a solid color, but I think I did pretty good pulling the purple out of the main bag color.  I really like this bag and think that the solid blue fabric I have would be great using hues of blues (ha ha that rhymes), in the flap.  I’m feeling pretty accomplished today.  🙂  I think I will make me a lunch bag for my first day to work.  A girl has gotta eat lunch, and why not make something for myself!

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Ali 🙂