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I have finally started my first tutorial!  I don’t know if I should be worried or excited.  It is kinda fun working on, or maybe it’s the Sangria I’m drinking while I’m working on it!  ha ha ha.  Anyway, I have stated in one of my past posting that I was going to do one and then just very recently I was asked if I had a tutorial on either of the two purses I recently posted which led me to finally do it.

BUT….it’s so nice, sunny and hot today and will continue like this well into next week that I couldn’t help but think of maybe a nice cool summer dress for myself.

This is my next project…for ME!


As you can see it’s Simplicity Pattern 1800 and the fabric is from Joann Fabrics.  It’s from their Tutti Fruitti Collection and is Paper Mache Floral Vines Fuchsia!! It is so very pretty and lightweight.  Of course now I’m trying to figure out how to line the dress cause I HATE…DEPLORE…DESPISE….wearing slips!  They are the MOST uncomfortable…unforgiving worthless pieces of material for a curvy big girl to wear!  I spend more time pulling it down than just enjoying wearing a beautiful summer dress!  I’m thinking about lining this dress just from the bottom of the bust down…with maybe a light cotton blend.  I tend to stray away from any material that is not knit…because it’s so forgiving…and can easily hide what needs to be hidden.  However, I was reading the instructions for this dress…and while I do not consider myself an expert seamstress, I think if I take my time and make adjustments as I work on it, it should come out near perfect.  🙂  The best part….the material for 4 yards only cost me $17!  It was half-off and today was the last day!!  So I totally SCORED! 🙂  I bought extra because I thought I could use the left over for lining in a bag! he he he

So..I’m going to start working on typing out the tutorial and hopefully…I can post it tomorrow at some point.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ali 🙂


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