Projects stacking up!!

I need to stay away from the fabric store until I can get caught up on the projects I already have in my mind to do!

As I posted earlier, I had bought all the necessary items to make myself a summer dress….well…that is still sitting in my studio and I’ve added to it!

I picked up this material last summer and been dying to use it ever since.  I finally found the right project.


Its a sheer and I recently bought a red crepe material for the top and bought and downloaded this pattern.


I’ve never worked with Burda patterns before, especially the kind you print off yourself and tape together. That was a feat in itself!  My concern is, the measurements are just not coming out correctly. The largest size for this pattern is a 52. The hips for that size is 50.5″ but If I measure out the actual pattern it comes out to 57″ before taking into consideration the sewing allowance. (Which Burda does not include in these print-at-home patterns)  I was thinking I was going to need to grade up the pattern to accommodate my hip measurement of 52, but now I’m not so sure.  I know that I should probably buy some muslin and make at least the top to see how it will fit, but I think the crepe material is cheaper!  🙂  I’m also wondering if the Burda patterns run big.  I’m going to investigate this pattern a bit longer and maybe even ask some of the ladies over at Curvy Sewing Collective.  I’ve even watched several youtube videos on shirring!  I think before I do that with my main material, I’ll practice with some scraps.

So….onto the next projects.


These were on sale for $1.40 each!  I just had to get them!  I want to make ALL of them! So, it’s just a matter of doing it!

And…I just finished this!


I found this adorable material at the local thrift store and wanted to make a cute tote that could be used by a little girl who loves dance!  I made it look like I quilted the bag and upper band and embellished the tote with some cute ballerina themed buttons.

Looks like I have my projects lined up…I just gotta get on them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ali 🙂


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