For me!

It seems like I haven’t been on here for weeks!! I’ve been really busy with life. Funny how that happens. I finally made that dress!!  

I must say the construction was fairly easy other than in two areas it repeated certain steps which freaked me out thinking I’d done something wrong.  And this dress also reminded me why I HATE zippers!! But I conquered it and I’m pretty proud of the outcome. 

The dress looks pretty much like the picture but what I didn’t realize was that the openness of the neck makes it impossible to wear any bra I have in my drawer! I refuse to wear strapless which would work great but being a busty girl the one thing to hate seeing…is a girl or grown woman constantly trying to pull up her bra in the front!! That would drive me crazy!  I just don’t know if there is a bra that would work! I could buy one with plastic see-through straps but…not crazy about that idea either. 

So….here’s my dress. 


see those bra straps?

This was taken in the back yard…which is really not a yard but Bootsie the dog area!! 

This was my first dress made out of something other than knit!! 😆😆

I think it looks pretty good although a co-worker at work has said that she thinks I look better in jewel tones….what do you think?

I have so much black and earth tones in my closet that I NEED color every once in awhile!!

I think I’ll make this one again but maybe in a jewel tone!! LOL. Either way…I do like how it turned out. 

Oh…and it was very easy to attach the 22 bodice to the 28 skirt.  I’ve always wondered why the sizes don’t match RTW sizes.  It’s not like us big girls are sometimes self conscious of our size in RTW clothes that the patten companies have to make it more hard to look at when your sizes come out to a 28!! I also lined the skirt with pink cotton fabric so I don’t have to wear a slip! I was worried that it would give it to much bulk when I already have enough bulk of my own!! LOL but it’s great!! My co-worker wants me to wear it tomorrow but without the proper bra….I don’t feel like wearing a cover-up all day long! 

So now with this project out of the way I need to figure out what dress to make for my sons wedding! I think I want to go with a knit dress. Yea I know….but I love how knit drapes. 

This was my number one choice but I don’t have the pattern so that means I have to buy it at 40% off which is more than I’d like to spend because patterns go on sale so often for $2.00 or less…I’m in a quandary. My other option…

Ok. So my reasons behind each. The first one has the option to make the bodice one color and the skirt another. The colors of the wedding is light pink and fuschia ….so I was thinking I could incorporate the colors. 

The mock wrap…it’s another amazing fit pattern and I had such a great experience with my last one….it might work out for this one! And this pattern I have in my stash!  I’m just concerned of my time left for the wedding.  I have not only my dress to make …but one more bridesmaid clutch purse. So…bring it on!! 👍

Thanks for stopping by! 

Ali 😊


Making some progress

I’m happy to say that I’ve knocked a couple items off my list to do!! 

Finished the brides gifts! Only to be told today that she added one more bridesmaid! 😳

So…I’ll be adding that one to the top of the list of things to do. 

Second….I finished my grandsons cape adventures!! I was told by his mommies that he’s been into masks lately and capes. So I whipped up a Superman and Flash ensemble! 

   Oh…the purses are hanging on a rack that Tom got for me! I was tired of having all my creations in a box.  Now they are hanging up and out in the open!!



 I know that superman doesn’t wear a mask but I’m sure my grandson won’t care! 😊. All made with felt and Velcro. I used elevator on the masks! I can’t wait to get pictures of him in these! 

So now with the wedding just days away I need to start thinking about me and a dress! I’m going to make this one….as a practice.  

View A.  I normally can whip out a dress in about 3 to 4 days only working on it a few hours each day. If I have no problems with it and I like the fit after I make the necessary grading and or alterations then I’ll be off to the fabric store for a more suitable wedding dress fabric. I was going to make a knit dress because of the ease in fabric and I can hide a lot more but I like this dress and how it fits with no discernible waist line. Which gives me the opportunity to hide…to mask some of my fluffiness! (My son hates it when I call myself fat…and I love that about him. He says if I have to chose a word it would be fluffy!)

And to end….my online store over at Etsy is doing very well.  Better than I expected. I have had sales every month for the last five months which means I need to make more product!! I’ve been itchin’ to make more purses but just haven’t had the time!! Soon…very soon!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Ali 😊