Making some progress

I’m happy to say that I’ve knocked a couple items off my list to do!! 

Finished the brides gifts! Only to be told today that she added one more bridesmaid! 😳

So…I’ll be adding that one to the top of the list of things to do. 

Second….I finished my grandsons cape adventures!! I was told by his mommies that he’s been into masks lately and capes. So I whipped up a Superman and Flash ensemble! 

   Oh…the purses are hanging on a rack that Tom got for me! I was tired of having all my creations in a box.  Now they are hanging up and out in the open!!



 I know that superman doesn’t wear a mask but I’m sure my grandson won’t care! 😊. All made with felt and Velcro. I used elevator on the masks! I can’t wait to get pictures of him in these! 

So now with the wedding just days away I need to start thinking about me and a dress! I’m going to make this one….as a practice.  

View A.  I normally can whip out a dress in about 3 to 4 days only working on it a few hours each day. If I have no problems with it and I like the fit after I make the necessary grading and or alterations then I’ll be off to the fabric store for a more suitable wedding dress fabric. I was going to make a knit dress because of the ease in fabric and I can hide a lot more but I like this dress and how it fits with no discernible waist line. Which gives me the opportunity to hide…to mask some of my fluffiness! (My son hates it when I call myself fat…and I love that about him. He says if I have to chose a word it would be fluffy!)

And to end….my online store over at Etsy is doing very well.  Better than I expected. I have had sales every month for the last five months which means I need to make more product!! I’ve been itchin’ to make more purses but just haven’t had the time!! Soon…very soon!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Ali 😊


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