My happy place..

I have so much to say!! I recently turned the big 5 – 0! Watched my son marry his beautiful bride this weekend which means I successfully made my dress for his wedding and I got this

  For my birthday!! It was waiting for me when we arrived home on Sunday! I was so tickled! I’ve never had a brand new machine. My mother gave me her machine when she got a new one and I picked up another used machine from a friend. So this one is extra special. I immediately  watched all the videos that came with it and tried out the embroidery function. 
And I’ve already picked up a few tricks to get a nice finish and learned that you shouldn’t iron the polyester thread…it scorches😧. And quickly realized how expensive this little hobby could be! Polyester thread is expensive compared to all purpose thread. Thank goodness Joann Fabrics always have coupons but Tom and I did venture into the local bernina sewing shop and found out their embroidery thread is a bit cheaper and better quality according to the sales lady. So I’ve already pinned about 50+ ideas on embroidery on Pinterest. I’m so excited to get started on adding some beautiful embroidery to my bags and purses but I still have a couple projects to complete first.  

I really enjoy being in my sewing room and I enjoy helping out the local church missionary young men that need simple repairs on their suits and clothing. It seems every week I’m finding a bag hanging from my front door with a note telling me what needs to be repaired. They usually have the item pinned but recently found celeophane tape used to keep a garment together!! 

My next project is a baby blanket and matching diaper bag of time permits. The baby shower is on the 19th. Once again…I’ll be spending the weekend in my happy place! 😊

Thanks for stopping by

Ali 😊


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