My first quilt….

  And maybe my last!! I never had the passion for quilt making. Admire the workmanship that goes into a quilt and while recently strolling around the Oregon state fair saw some very beautiful quilts. I enjoy sewing things that don’t take days and weeks to accomplish. There was a couple of times that I felt like giving up on this baby quilt then remembered it was a gift. 😊…so I pressed on.  There are so many imperfections with this blanket. It’s bigger than I first measured out and can’t really tell you how that happened.  Had to add a strip of material to the Minky material just so it would fit the top piece only for it to be too big!! Again…not sure how that happened!! 

  Had to search on Pinterest on how to bind a quilt!! And my corners although I tried and tried to match the top and bottom edges up…fell short.  

But…it’s a gift and I’ve been reassured that the young lady who is recieving it will love it!! And I’m quite proud of the end result. Although it was a quite a task. In the end….my oldest daughter not only wants my old sewing machine but wants to make quilts!!  

I told her to YouTube it and watch how it’s done. Cause I couldn’t teach her. 😊

Thanks for stopping by 

Ali 😊


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