Busy Little Bee

I really haven’t had time to blog lately because since I got that new sleek sewing machine I thought I would put it to good use and make Christmas presents for my family

This is what I’ve made so far.

IMG_1215 IMG_1220 IMG_1222

Two 14″ rounds and one 16″ round pillow.  All for two little girls who love to dress up their bedroom.  I would normally share these over on FB but some of my grandkids are my friends and I know how kids are in telling their siblings everything.

This apron and chef hat is for my grandson who happens to LOVE to cook.  The cute girl in the picture was nice enough to be my living model for the project!

My model!

My model!


The purse is for my granddaughter Karina.  She loves the Disney Princesses so I fashioned a ruffle skirt bag out of Disney character material for her. I have several other gifts that I need to make and is the reason why I started now and didn’t wait.


Unrelated to Christmas, I made new items for my Etsy shop.


Day of the Dead Coin Purses. (My live model got her very own coin purse for helping me out.)


I simply love the Swoon Sewing patterns!  This is my latest creation – The Vintage Mable.

SO….that’s what I have been doing with my spare hours….what have you been up to?

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My first quilt….

  And maybe my last!! I never had the passion for quilt making. Admire the workmanship that goes into a quilt and while recently strolling around the Oregon state fair saw some very beautiful quilts. I enjoy sewing things that don’t take days and weeks to accomplish. There was a couple of times that I felt like giving up on this baby quilt then remembered it was a gift. 😊…so I pressed on.  There are so many imperfections with this blanket. It’s bigger than I first measured out and can’t really tell you how that happened.  Had to add a strip of material to the Minky material just so it would fit the top piece only for it to be too big!! Again…not sure how that happened!! 

  Had to search on Pinterest on how to bind a quilt!! And my corners although I tried and tried to match the top and bottom edges up…fell short.  

But…it’s a gift and I’ve been reassured that the young lady who is recieving it will love it!! And I’m quite proud of the end result. Although it was a quite a task. In the end….my oldest daughter not only wants my old sewing machine but wants to make quilts!!  

I told her to YouTube it and watch how it’s done. Cause I couldn’t teach her. 😊

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Ali 😊

My happy place..

I have so much to say!! I recently turned the big 5 – 0! Watched my son marry his beautiful bride this weekend which means I successfully made my dress for his wedding and I got this

  For my birthday!! It was waiting for me when we arrived home on Sunday! I was so tickled! I’ve never had a brand new machine. My mother gave me her machine when she got a new one and I picked up another used machine from a friend. So this one is extra special. I immediately  watched all the videos that came with it and tried out the embroidery function. 
And I’ve already picked up a few tricks to get a nice finish and learned that you shouldn’t iron the polyester thread…it scorches😧. And quickly realized how expensive this little hobby could be! Polyester thread is expensive compared to all purpose thread. Thank goodness Joann Fabrics always have coupons but Tom and I did venture into the local bernina sewing shop and found out their embroidery thread is a bit cheaper and better quality according to the sales lady. So I’ve already pinned about 50+ ideas on embroidery on Pinterest. I’m so excited to get started on adding some beautiful embroidery to my bags and purses but I still have a couple projects to complete first.  

I really enjoy being in my sewing room and I enjoy helping out the local church missionary young men that need simple repairs on their suits and clothing. It seems every week I’m finding a bag hanging from my front door with a note telling me what needs to be repaired. They usually have the item pinned but recently found celeophane tape used to keep a garment together!! 

My next project is a baby blanket and matching diaper bag of time permits. The baby shower is on the 19th. Once again…I’ll be spending the weekend in my happy place! 😊

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Ali 😊

Making some progress

I’m happy to say that I’ve knocked a couple items off my list to do!! 

Finished the brides gifts! Only to be told today that she added one more bridesmaid! 😳

So…I’ll be adding that one to the top of the list of things to do. 

Second….I finished my grandsons cape adventures!! I was told by his mommies that he’s been into masks lately and capes. So I whipped up a Superman and Flash ensemble! 

   Oh…the purses are hanging on a rack that Tom got for me! I was tired of having all my creations in a box.  Now they are hanging up and out in the open!!



 I know that superman doesn’t wear a mask but I’m sure my grandson won’t care! 😊. All made with felt and Velcro. I used elevator on the masks! I can’t wait to get pictures of him in these! 

So now with the wedding just days away I need to start thinking about me and a dress! I’m going to make this one….as a practice.  

View A.  I normally can whip out a dress in about 3 to 4 days only working on it a few hours each day. If I have no problems with it and I like the fit after I make the necessary grading and or alterations then I’ll be off to the fabric store for a more suitable wedding dress fabric. I was going to make a knit dress because of the ease in fabric and I can hide a lot more but I like this dress and how it fits with no discernible waist line. Which gives me the opportunity to hide…to mask some of my fluffiness! (My son hates it when I call myself fat…and I love that about him. He says if I have to chose a word it would be fluffy!)

And to end….my online store over at Etsy is doing very well.  Better than I expected. I have had sales every month for the last five months which means I need to make more product!! I’ve been itchin’ to make more purses but just haven’t had the time!! Soon…very soon!! 

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Ali 😊

The days when……

I had all day long to design and spend hours in my studio going over what purse, bag or tote to make or sketch out some ideas of what the ideal purse would look like.  Now I’m working (which is awesome) and juggling what little free time between, family, crafts, reading books, and being the MOG! (Mother of the Groom)  I had no idea what MOG meant until recently.  I have graciously taken on the responsibility of making the gifts for the Bridesmaids and Matron of Honor.

It’s simply a matter of trying to fit it all in and hoping I don’t lose my mind in the process.  Just recently I wanted to make this purse.


The problem I am having with this purse is that it’s made like a quilt.  Literally from the inside out! I’ve only made one other purse where you finished all of the outside edges with binding.  My hands were so very sore, it took me at least two days to recover. I am not a quilter and I really love this pattern.  SO…I tried making it by changing up how it was constructed.  I’ve sewed it up, unpicked it and sewed it up again.  Even if I figure it out, the 71F Peltex I’ve used for the gusset has been beaten to a pulp!  I’ve thought about removing the zipper entirely but that is really what I love about this purse! So after working on it for about 2 hours each night for 2 weeks, I’ve given up.  Well….I’ve given up for now because I have to get moving on those wedding gifts.

Here is the clutch purse I am making.

IMG_0515 (1)

But before I break out the fuschia and light pink material, I am going to make this out of Seahawk colors!

I know that when I make anything for the first time, I always find ways to make it quicker or better without losing any quality in the end product.  I certainly don’t want to cut into the material I purchased for the gifts and make some horrible BOO BOO!

There aren’t many hours in the day for me to accomplish all the things that I want to do, something has got to give and lately it’s been my sewing which I love! I NEED to MAKE something….sewing for me is like a drug!  I’ve been beaten up by that purse for the last two weeks with no beautiful end product!  So it’s time to actually make something and when I’m finished with the gifts…I’ll find that despicable purse lurking on my shelf and I will conquer it!!

I remember the days when….. I had hours to spend designing, sewing, lounging.  Heck…that’s what weekends are for…is it not?! 🙂

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Items in Queue

I have finally started my first tutorial!  I don’t know if I should be worried or excited.  It is kinda fun working on, or maybe it’s the Sangria I’m drinking while I’m working on it!  ha ha ha.  Anyway, I have stated in one of my past posting that I was going to do one and then just very recently I was asked if I had a tutorial on either of the two purses I recently posted which led me to finally do it.

BUT….it’s so nice, sunny and hot today and will continue like this well into next week that I couldn’t help but think of maybe a nice cool summer dress for myself.

This is my next project…for ME!


As you can see it’s Simplicity Pattern 1800 and the fabric is from Joann Fabrics.  It’s from their Tutti Fruitti Collection and is Paper Mache Floral Vines Fuchsia!! It is so very pretty and lightweight.  Of course now I’m trying to figure out how to line the dress cause I HATE…DEPLORE…DESPISE….wearing slips!  They are the MOST uncomfortable…unforgiving worthless pieces of material for a curvy big girl to wear!  I spend more time pulling it down than just enjoying wearing a beautiful summer dress!  I’m thinking about lining this dress just from the bottom of the bust down…with maybe a light cotton blend.  I tend to stray away from any material that is not knit…because it’s so forgiving…and can easily hide what needs to be hidden.  However, I was reading the instructions for this dress…and while I do not consider myself an expert seamstress, I think if I take my time and make adjustments as I work on it, it should come out near perfect.  🙂  The best part….the material for 4 yards only cost me $17!  It was half-off and today was the last day!!  So I totally SCORED! 🙂  I bought extra because I thought I could use the left over for lining in a bag! he he he

So..I’m going to start working on typing out the tutorial and hopefully…I can post it tomorrow at some point.

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Ali 🙂

Technology is great!!

And convenient!! I’m sitting in bed watching tv and doing this post!! Ain’t life grand!? This is the first time using my smartphone to do a post so I hope the formatting works out ok. 

So I looked back and the last time I posted anything was mid-May!! I’ve made two purses and did a bit of alterations and repurposed some old clothes.  Here are the two purses. 


 The blue linen bag is made from my dotted dream purse pattern. I made the handles different by using cording to make them round!! The second bag was made from a pair of my sons jeans!! He put a hole in one of the knees and asked me to fix them….I fixed them alright!! LOL. 😊 The rest was made out of scraps. I really love the jean stitching!! 

In between making these two beauties…..I did a little repurposing!! 

I had a pair of crop pants that I really didint like. I mean …I’m a big curvy girl…and some style of crops just don’t do girls my size justice!! So…I made them into a SKIRT!! and I love them!! 

The skirt pic was taken with a flash….they really are the same color!! 😊

So….there you have it!! Summer is on the way. And it’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s this weekend so I’m bringing out my sangria recipe!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Ali 😊

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